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Most search engines offer this service in addition to Google. The cost of local business seo the service varies according to the company it offers and usually consists of an annual subscription. In addition, most businesses prefer a combination of paid inclusion and payment based on the success of the hyperlink. It is worth noting that search engines offering this service provide a guaranteed look in the results but not a good ranking. End, the opponents of this method believe that the use of paid inclusion, user search results are based more on economic criteria and profit criteria than on relativity criteria. The optimization of SEO search engines as mentioned in the previous section, the technical optimization of a website and by extension a search engine or for a short period, are a set of methods aimed at promoting and advertising websites through their favorable ranking search engines according to the target-key phrases that are important for a business. The search engine function initially, a search engine uses professional seo service programs such as spiders, spiders or web crawlers, which automatically discover various websites, following all the detectable hyperlinks.

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The content of any web page was analyzed and this information, extracted from professional seo company headers, text, meta-information, etc., is stored in search engine rankings and rankings. When a user searches with keywords or phrases on returned sites that have a higher correlation with search. As with search criteria, it can respond to thousands of sites, each search engine uses special algorithms that evaluate and grasp the different sites by displaying a specific order in the search result list. Classification is usually based on the relevance of user criteria for site content. The results are reported in the literature as organic or physical results. In addition to these results, sites that use payment techniques and payment based on the number of visits may also appear. Although each machine search returns thousands of results, it has shown that professional seo service end users only visit the original.

The purpose of the search engine optimization technique is to local seo packages improve the site and the plurality of website development for natural results of a search for various keywords and phrases. It has been proven that SEO techniques have managed to increase both the number and quality of visitors to a website, either making purchases or asking for other information. Although each machine search returns thousands of results, it has shown that end users only visit the original. However, Google and yahoo offer the ability to create and submit xml files to help and accelerate site categorization. Sitemap Google offers this feature and additionally as a siteexplorer yahoo offer to submit the site address for a business or user information such as the number of web pages that are in the yahoo index. Generally, the most popular search engines need time from a few days to weeks for their programs to discover a new site, visit all internal hyperlinks, and index and categorize. Machines search for different programs crawlers, to visit a site and usually do not visit all of the site's sites.

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In an article by colleagues describing some models for the decisions taken by the detectors as to which pages will be included in the search engine index, the ability of web designers is to give see this instructions to spider programs that do not include certain pages through the robots file. txt in the root directory. Some companies are making use of this feature to avoid the appearance of natural sites resulting in a dynamic and useroriented. The white hat techniques effective design of a website is just the beginning of the SEO process. Search engines are not interested in the appearance of the page but are interested in the technical details.